Strains and Sprains

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Active people occasionally have muscle and ligament injuries which cause discomfort and pain. However, by understanding a few basic guidelines you can help these stretching and exercise injuries heal more quickly.
How can you tell the difference between strains and sprains?
A strain is a stretching injury to a tendon or muscle brought about by overuse or stress.
A sprain, on the other hand, is a stretching injury to a ligament or joint capsule brought about by overuse or stress.
To treat either a strain or a sprain, do the following:

The length of your disability depends on your age, physical condition, severity of the injury and previous injuries to the area. However, as a general rule, you should feel some improvement within a few days and return to full activity in about ten days. And remember, by acting promptly you can affect how quickly and efficiently you recover.

Treatment precautions